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There is an infinite number of situations and scenarios that may lead to injuries. The team at Ottawa Accident Attorneys has experience in vast experience in all areas of personal injury law.

Accident Benefits Claims

Reach out and talk to us to learn about the benefits you are rightfully entitled to, depending on your injuries.


With legal representation by Ottawa Accident Attorneys, you have a position of strength.

Back & Spine Injury

You have better options if your injuries are identified early enough and seek legal advice promptly.

Car Accidents

Keep in mind that timing is critical. Immediately call us to increase your chances of total and fair compensation.

Head & Brain Injury

In most instances, head and brain injuries are life-changing. Since head and brain injuries can vary widely, always seek legal advice.

Medical Malpractice

In some instances, medical treatment and care may take an unexpected turn. We will ensure you are back in a better place.

Other Injuries

Through our legal representation, we can improve your conditions irrespective of the type of injury.

Recreational Vehicles

We recognize that injuries that occur in unique circumstances bring about unique legal options.

Slips & Falls

Ottawa Accident Attorneys represent slip & fall victims and help them get rightful compensation.

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