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How will I pay for the personal injury claim?

Ottawa Accident Attorneys are focused on your recovery and getting justice. All legal fees payable will be calculated as a percentage of the compensation amount received. For all successful cases, the expenses or disbursements from the case are paid out by the defendant.

How long will a personal injury case take?

We may not have an easy answer to this question. Every personal injury case is different, and the duration of each case will therefore vary. In some cases, the case will take longer than you prefer. The severe cases may take years before they are resolved. We practice patience and take deliberate steps in recognition that your injuries will still be there. Delays in getting to a settlement should not pressure you into accepting a lesser resolution. Ottawa Accident Attorneys work diligently to create a strong case that develops fully and achieves a result that brings both justice and compensation.

Do I need to participate in the personal injury lawsuit physically?

A lawsuit has three critical events that you must physically participate especially if the case goes to trial. The majority of personal injury cases are resolved without going to trial in a courthouse. Your physical participation is required in the following events:
Examination for Discovery: The defendant’s lawyers will interview you under oath and audio-record the entire interview. Your lawyer will prepare you for the interview and will accompany you there. Contrary to expectations, the interview is both easy and informal. All the parties must be interviewed. The stage helps determine if the injury could have been prevented and to learn about the defendants.
Medical Assessment: Your medical condition needs to be assessed and detailed by a medical practitioner or specialist. The step doesn’t apply in every situation. We have a network of medical professionals who will examine you and help in writing a detailed report. The specific doctor will be an expert in the type of injury suffered. The defendant has the right to hire their doctor to prepare a statement as well. Be prepared to go through two or more medical assessments. The assessment is more straightforward and less gruelling than most personal injury victims expect. We will help you prepare for the medical assessments so that you are comfortable.
Mediation/Pre-Trial: Mediation is essentially a formal negotiation with a neutral party overseeing the process and assisting as the need arises. Mediation will happen towards the end of the case and may end up with a resolution. The mediation process helps you learn what is being offered and provides much-needed insights to your lawyer. This stage provides positive experiences since it helps resolve the case and allows the defendant to admit to their actions and apologize. Unsuccessful mediation moves the case further forward to a pre-trial in front of a judge. A pre-trial will happen over a few months before a trial date is set and a judge delivers their verdict.

How long do I have to sue?
For the most part, a third party claim must be commenced within 2 years of your accident. There are few exceptions to this rule, one of our lawyers can tell you if one of the exceptions applies to you.
When should I see a lawyer?

Ontario Law sets timelines and limitations that must be adhered to so that a claim can be advance further. Failure to meet the deadlines may severely prejudice your claim and, in some instances, stop you from bringing any action. It’s essential to work with Ottawa Accident Attorneys for reliable and trustworthy representation. Our team of personal injury lawyers will provide sound professional legal advice at every step of the claim so that you can focus on recovery.

What is an Arbitration?

Arbitration is yet another alternative dispute resolution method. Notable characteristics of arbitration hearings include sharing similarities with court proceedings, being cost-effective, and being less formal. The arbitrator has the power to decide the entitlement to the disputed benefits.

What is a complete and final settlement?

A complete and final claim settlement is essentially a binding contract between you and an insurer (your insurance provider or a third-party insurance company) to ultimately settle your claim. In essence, you will not be entitled to any more benefits for the injuries suffered. You will be required to sign a release that will signal the insurance company is relieved of any other obligations associated with your loss.

What is the wait time before suing the responsible parties?

A third-party claim should be commenced within two years of your accident happening. There are some exceptions to the rule. Our lawyers will let you know if you qualify for any of these exceptions.