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About Us

We Are Personal Injury Lawyers in Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa Accident Attorneys is a leading personal injury law firm in Ottawa, Ontario

Litigation is just like a fight – but a highly regulated fight. We have passionate and experienced lawyers to advocate for you. The team at Ottawa Accident Attorneys is known for being tough and highly experienced. Our team of personal injury lawyers is chosen based on hard work, relentlessness, and focus besides their academic achievements.

Compassion is yet another characteristic of our lawyers that pushes them to offer the best service to all our clients. The compassion we have for our clients acts as a driver to achieving excellent outcomes. Please check the biographies of our team of lawyers to see their qualifications, successes, and involvement in the community.


High-quality personal injury services exclusively for you!

Ottawa Accident Attorneys has a laser focus on personal injury cases and are known for a relentless drive during litigation. We have the respect of our clients, judges, and other lawyers. You can rely on our knowledge, compassion, and experience to get your life back on track.

Why Choose Us?


It costs personal injury victims nothing to get highly skilled and experienced personal injury lawyers to work on your claim. Most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee approach which means you will only pay after the chosen lawyer win you a settlement or judgment. Ottawa Accident Attorneys has immense experience in all areas of personal injury law.


It can be frustrating to have an experienced personal injury lawyer who is not easy to reach. Your lawyer should be accessible whenever you have a problem or a question. Ottawa Accident Lawyers is easily accessible to our clients so that they can have peace of mind. We can respond to issues within a business day. You simply gave to call, and we’ll have a lawyer handle your questions or other concerns.


Through our experience that spans decades, we have learned that lawsuits may be necessary but not always the best choice. Legal action is associated with lots of stress, and we constantly evaluate cases to proceed with those we are confident will be worth it for our clients. Ottawa Accident Attorneys always take on a case that we believe will have a successful outcome.


Severe injuries are capable of disrupting your life in a big way. The team at Ottawa Accident Attorneys strives to get your life back in control. We embrace open and honest communication and help our clients anticipate and understand the process to achieve that. We don’t say what the client wants to hear. Our experience allows us to develop a precise road map for the legal processes. Anticipating what to expect is a critical part of the process.

Team Work

The excellent teamwork inculcated by the team at Ottawa Accident Attorney comes in handy when pursuing your claim. If you choose to retain us, you are not hiring a lawyer but engaging an entire team to assist you through the process of recovery from injury or death. All members of the team will chip in with your case in the following ways:


Reach out to the insurance company on your behalf and handle any inquiries.


Investigate and collect evidence by talking with family members, witnesses, and the authorities.


Outline and be clear about who you should speak with and who not to talk to.


Work with healthcare providers and insurance providers to meet all your bills.


Explain the legal strategy to be used and inform you about the case’s progress so that you are comfortable.

Contact us by calling or sending an email to learn more about Ottawa Accident Attorneys and determine if we are a good fit for your needs. We also look forward to meeting you and knowing you better.